Leasing the air gate


Our air gate is diversity in model, types: self-colored gate, Air gate with 2 dragon on… with many colors and dimension: 8m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 22m…

Material: Oxford PVC Canvas ( 420D, 600D)

Dimension: diameter 3m – 30m, 1.5m – 15m in high, pumping machine

Color: Red, yellow, blue…

Target: for advertisement, for launching the products.

EventPro is specializing in providing and leasing the air gate, air puppet, company’s logo, air house according to the available design or the specific bookings with many types, many dimensions, many materials… For details, click HERE 1322900913_142969599_4-Cho-Thue-Cng-Hoi-Kinh-Khi-Cau-Nha-Hoi-Dich-vu OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1271493778_88320646_4-CNG-HIRI-HI-KINH-KHi-CU-08-6264-2735-Dich-vu-1271493778 1309160286_221024235_3-Cho-thue-cng-hoi-kinh-khi-cau-t-chuc-su-kien-Bien-Hoa 201211131344_ban_cho_thue_bong_bay_khinh_