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EventPro leases the projectors, conference projectors, work-shop projectors, exhibition projector, event projector… with the diversity of brightness, dimension( 70inch, 90inch, 180 inch, 250 inch…) in high quality and reasonable price. For detail, Click HERE

Leasing LCD Plasma screen from 32 – 100 inch 1205657_PANASONIC-TH-P50X30V_2 ImageView.aspx

LED screen is created by many small monochromatic LEDs or RGB LEDs to make the affection. There’re 3 popular types of LED screen:  monochromatic LED screen, multicolored LED screen and video LED screen. EventPro specializes in leasing the big size LED screen to display in the music show, liveshows, broadcasting TV, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, event… according to the dimension and demand of the customer

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EventPro specializes in leasing many types of projector: 2000 – 3000 ansilumen projector supporting the classroom, meeting, presentation, 3000 – 3500 ansilumen projector is suitable for the small and medium conference. muh1365821773 114 may chieu rap phim