Leasing the Sound – Light equipment


EventPro specializes in leasing the professional sound – light equipment according to the topic of the event and demand of the customer. We lease the sound system packet for the conference, festival, grand opening ceremony, music show, karaoke, music show in the conference hall or out door venue… Ibiza-Party-at-the-2011-Tuning-World-Bodensee Leasing the sound equipment
  •  Sound equipment for conference, exhibitions and fairs
  • Sound equipment for music Gala indoor or outdoor
  • Sound equipment for semi-professional outdoor stage
  • Sound equipment for professional outdoor stage
  • Sound equipment for the high quality Line Array sound system
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tumblr_mbdlo3oIHU1qadmtio1_500 Leasing thhe light equipment:
  •  Light equipment for event ( normal brightness)
  •  Light equipment for student music gala
  • Light equipment for company, conference
  • Light equipment for professional stage
  • Light equipment for semi-professional stage
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tumblr_mnxmyzT4Be1s7jp05o1_500 The lighting system with full of stage light as: moving head, Strobe light, Scancer, Par LED, Pả 64, Follow, Smoke machine, Confetti… EventPro makes sure you will satisfy with our lighting system.