Planing a Christmas party: 18 steps to organizing the perfect celebration– Final part


 If you want to make sure people come then you’ll have to give them all the details.  tu-tay-lam-thiep-giang-sinh-dep-ma-de It is important to plan the wording for the invitations and to make sure you include the following: - To: - From: - Reason: - Venue address: - Date: - Start time: - Finish time: - Theme: - Dress code: - Include menus requesting guests to choose: - RSVP with contact details and a date to get back to you by:    Get invites designed that fit into your theme, either in an e-format that can be emailed out or printable versions that can be posted or delivered to your guests Nominate reps in each department across the company to help you ensure invitations are delivered and that RSVPs and menu choices are all returned Be prepared to chase guests for responses


Just like with a wedding, a table plan can be something of a tricky task to get right but it is worth the effort to make sure everybody gets the most out of the event – and that any awkward confrontations are avoided. Plan table arrangements so that guests can mingle with colleagues that they wouldn’t usually get the chance to speak to. Print a large copy of the table plan to put up on the night to help direct guests to their seats. Order or make name cards for the tables


Your itinerary is what will help you stay organised and ensure everything remains on the right track for a smooth-running event .Create one document that includes everything about the event. You may want both a digital copy and a hard copy. Make sure your hard copy includes the following:
On the front: “If this document is found unattended please hand into reception.” Organisers name Date
Inside: A complete breakdown of the event. Personally, I would put this in a table format under the headings ‘When’ (timings), ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ (in the venue). Include contact names, mobile numbers and email addresses of everybody involved in the event, including the different suppliers. Any documents you’ve put together or collected such as menus or timings for entertainment should be kept with this document.Send a copy of the itinerary to everybody involved in running the event, including suppliers, venue managers and entertainers, and be sure to print a copy for yourself.


All this pre-planning is so that you can enjoy the event as well – although you will of course have to deal with any issues if they arise. But good preparation can help it run as smoothly as possible. noel5   Keep the itinerary with you.   Introduce yourself to all suppliers, venues and entertainers at the start of the event, so that they know who you are and who to come to if they have any problems or questions. Providing suppliers with food and beverages during the event is a nice gesture – it really does make life a lot easier if you are dealing with happy workers


  Find out what guests enjoyed about the event and what they didn’t, this way it will help you to organize an even better party next year.    Put together a survey or a couple of quick questions about the event and circulate these around your guests afterwards so you can collect feedback. This could be done over email or using one of the many options for conducting private surveys online, such as Survey Monkey.   Using this list should help you plan a successful Christmas Party, feeling confident that your priorities are in place and that you have everything covered. I recommend using this as a working document and checklist, crossing off tasks when completed, that way you can keep on top of everything and have a good idea of your progress as you go.